daredo – the intermedia company

With the long-time experience of an independent music company taking care for numerous labels and artists, daredo realizes innovative strategies for modern intermedia distribution channels. We support our artists and represent and market their recording rights as well as their copyrights. daredo offers a highly innovative system for the global distribution of music, films and other content, as well as several technical services. We also operate various own labels, which, as independent brands, offer a home to artists and producers from all fields of media. 

The unique selling proposition of daredo is the mixture of the people who work at daredo. The team consists of both experienced individuals from the media industry and IT and programming professionals with years of experience in programming databases and interfaces and in developing solutions for all kinds of tasks. The individual access across departments and disciplines on an equal footing leads to goal-oriented results. This ensures that technology does not dominate the creative work, but that always the latest and up-to-date technology can be used, according to what the rapidly changing market needs.